Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the ugly truth about beauty closeing reading

Its absolutely true i wake up and i take a shower check my face than I'm off for the day. Woman on the other hand take like 2 hours to get ready, but they look very beautiful for it though. The only thing is when so plaster on the make-up trying to look good and it just makes them look like a clown. I do have to agree with the author there is no right or wrong answer when a girl ask you how she looks, but my girl is always beautiful to me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

#4 definition education

That does it matter where or how you get your information. It matters what you know more than where you went to school.It should be about your qualities you have more than what school is on your diploma. I agree you could be the worst student ever and cheat your way through college through some big name school. There could be some kid from some small school that worked his tail off and got a great education. When you get to the employer what do you think they look at first MIT , Harvard or community college. It should change to what you know than more to where you went.

characteristics that i would like to take away from college.

First off I would like to say if you don't go after your college degree job opportunity's are very limited. Characteristics I would like to take from my time here would be better listening and better sense of communication. These two are big and they can get you a long way even if your not for sure what to do. First listen to them and than ask questions figure it out and succeed. There are greater things than knowing ever thing under the book and that's people skills.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The F word closing reading #2

I think she means with meaningless diplomas is that in the education nation now no kid left behind that there just passing people just to pass them now. Therese to a point where your just have to let the kid fail or pass you cant hold his hand through life forever. The other reason I think is that in the society told a high school diploma does not mean to much. Job opportunity's are just getting to a point where you need a college degree. So the high school diploma does not mean a whole lot anymore.

Academic success of daughter or son

Well first if would have to depend on there age. If they where really young in elementary or in middle school you might have to give them a scare of reality. With little kids though pretty much anything your parents say your going to go with. Now with the older kids in high school there you have to get serious start taking things away from them. These are important days to keep them motivated. I know in high school Therese times when you think its just so stupid, but they will realize how important an education is to have in this society.

Monday, September 29, 2008

selections thesis of flavios home

his thesis statement is that he fights poverty in the slums, barrios , and favelas. He wants to help these people. Because its just like cancer it spreading all over like a ravage fire. That he wants to attack it at the ground zero to show how it really is.

goverment proposal for the poor

I really don't see how that will help the whole economy. Maybe they should be aware of there actions and the consequences of there actions. I don't see why the tax payers dollars need to go toward some ones birth control its not or fault for there actions. Maybe they should be doing something else maybe getting out and looking for a job and not living on the government to pay for everything.